The LivMundi Festival was our first initiative. Since its first edition, the Festival has gathered thousands of people in settings surrounded by nature to share their thoughts, have an idea of what natural soil feels like, and breathe together. Dialogs, workshops, fairs, film exhibitions, self-knowledge practices, and artistic projects have been some of the formats across the five editions of the festival.

We have already held the Festival in person in different territories of Rio de Janeiro, such as Tijuca National Park and Penha, and in Belém, in the Amazonian state of Pará. The digital format started in 2020, due to the pandemic, and its content, such as conversations with Pepe Mujica, Noam Chomsky and Ailton Krenak, has already been accessed by more than 70,000 viewers in Brazil and around the world.

The purpose of the Festival is to create encounters and experiment with ideas so that regenerative ways of being can emerge.

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