Changing ways of living and transforming old habits is not always an easy task. Nonetheless, when changes are made collectively, activities are more fun and collaborative. To do this, we get our hands dirty (in this case, in the land!) and set up joint efforts to bring people together and promote improvements across the city.

Learn more about where we already operate:

Joint effort at the
Camilo Castelo Branco Municipal School 

We met with the Camilo Castelo Branco school community to carry out a joint effort with more than 50 teachers, students, and volunteers. We set out to take care of the gardens, plant a vegetable garden, paint the multi-sport court and cover the entrance gate with graffiti in a day that had both hands-on activities and workshops, meetings, music, and books.

In addition to the practical effect of the improvements and the participants’ feelings of joy, there was a longer-term impact of the interventions on the well-being and self-esteem of students and teachers, easing the day-to-day challenges of a public school.

Joint effort to
Clean the Corcovado hillside

In order to draw attention to the environmental degradation caused by carelessness, we set up a joint effort group that met on the Corcovado hillside during the 2nd edition of the LivMundi Festival. Local stakeholders, such as the Parque Nacional da Tijuca (Tijuca National Park) authority, the Amigos do Parque (Friends of the Park) association, and the Lenha Filmes videomaker, as well as park mountaineer partners also joined us. All waste collected was showcased at the Festival to raise participant awareness.

Workshops are ways to stir up ideas and create practical movements that aim at identifying common issues and triggering actions in the territory that will eventually benefit those who are part of it. To take action in several different territories, we create transgressive activities that draw on the experiences of global facilitators and models, being always mindful of and translated into local realities.

Get to know the workshops we have already held:

The Doughnut Workshop

The Doughnut Workshop is based on the principles of the Doughnut Economics proposed by economist Kate Raworth, who seeks to build a fair and safe space for society, respecting the limits of the planet. Through participatory dynamics, we awaken awareness as to common challenges and new ways of thinking and acting on issues concerning the territory. We co-create and prioritize actions that contribute to “living in the Doughnut,” based on the strengths of local communities.

This workshop, which was held at the Dicró Arena as a result of a partnership with Observatório de Favelas (the Favela Observatory) and the Collective Arte Transformadora associations, lasted 5 hours and had 27 participants. The prioritized action was “to expand the use of community vegetable gardens in the Penha district” to enhance transformation in the territory and promote healthier relations between communities, their green areas, and the city.

Expected impacts: promoting food sovereignty, improving health, generating educational content, reducing cost and generating income, reconnecting with the land, and occupying degraded spaces.

The Time Capsule is an artistic initiative that invited young people from all over Brazil to write a letter to themselves in the future and tell with words and images how they wish to remember the lockdown period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Time Capsule has become an inventory of individual and collective memories of what we went through and the direction towards which we wished to pursue after the end of the pandemic. The initiative connected the present and the future, as the letters were forwarded to their owners a year later to remind them of what was felt, perceived, and created during the (im)possibilities of that moment.



Hi Mikaelle from the future, I hope you are well and alive. I hope that a year from now you and your activist friends will continue to fight to postpone the end of the world, I hope that you haven’t had so many emotional traumas, the ones you already have are enough and have made you a strong woman, I hope that you, myself of the future, is studying hard to get a place in college, I hope you don’t cry so much when something goes wrong, I hope that you and your friends have found legal means to charge your governments with appropriate measures against climate change, I hope you get an internship and may you be well. Well, Mikaelle from the future, today is December 13, 2020. One year from now your life will have changed a lot. Smile when you read this letter, you deserve it.


Hi Aline from the future!
Is everything ok? Hope so.
This year has been a bit crazy. All the plans were made to be executed this year and reap the long-term goals, but it was all crazy and everything changed. There were many moments of despair, a feeling of impotence, of being trapped, that nothing was going to change… That’s because the year started with the holidays and self-esteem at the top, right? Everything happened, the trip to RJ, being stuck at the airport, leaving work, getting into two other jobs – and leaving them – and now this new journey, you know, a different job, finishing the postgraduate course, already with other plans… It’s hard right now to know what will happen and what will work or not. But I hope next year comes with a lot of renewal. Despite all this, there were many reflections that year and I think what I take most is self-knowledge. There’s still a long way to go, go back to therapy, lol. But I don’t know, I think that’s it. Don’t create unrealistic expectations and believe in me. Everything will be fine. We cry, we fall, but we recover and rebuild. It’s not too late, run after what you want and trust. I wish you patience, hope and many good things. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Drink water. Everything will be fine. <3


And who knew that the girl who liked to study about pandemics would be living in one?
Hey, my future self, how are you? I don’t know if you remember exactly how it was here, but I can tell you that people are very denatured, it seems that they want to die and take as many people with them, a fact proven by the number of people on the streets without a mask. Anyway, you know how it is… Changing the subject, you decided to learn sign language because something tells you it will be necessary and, following your intuition, I went looking for some courses. Hope you know the basics by then! And if you’re not studying like a convict for the Enem, I’m going to be ashamed now that you’ll remember in the future LOL.
Maybe you’re excited, but know that we’ve been through worse things, go ahead, I believe in you.


I had made plans for the whole year. I thought I knew every step I was going to take and suddenly, from one day to the next, I went back to my parents’ city, to go to my cousin’s party and that was it: I didn’t go back to São Paulo anymore – only four months later, to pick up my move, donating some furniture and moving out of the apartment I’ve experienced a lot of things. Just like that. Right after that, I went to live in Santa Catarina for five months and then again: just like that. I confess that I never imagined such twists and turns. I moved four times in one year and lived in three different cities. How unpredictable life really is, isn’t it? Before this pandemic, I made long-term plans and was always very anxious about them. Today, I see how impossible it is to control everything and what we have left is to have faith that it will work out, while we do our best. Only. I thought that by staying at home, nothing would happen. But, everything happened. I even met new people. I was also able to do my final exam more calmly than being in São Paulo, in that crazy city. I started a wonderful new course. And all these changes made me even see how this young I was already putting my health aside in favor of other areas of my life. What I most wanted to leave a message for myself about the future are, therefore, two things: 1) you do not control anything, just have faith that by doing your best, you will be (and go) in the right place at the right time; and 2) always put your health first, it’s the basics of your existence and that’s called self-love too. I hope that even “the me” of the future will live more to please herself than others. Live more for her, do more for her and be more for her.


Hi Ju, writing this letter to you to say how proud I am of how much you have transformed yourself in the year 2021. For many it was a meaningless and unproductive year, but for you it was a year of self-knowledge, personal journey, immersion in your being and the person you really are and want to be. It was a year of learning, challenges, changes and very enriching in terms of discovering new talents and putting them into practice. Like yoga, meditation, cooking and much more. You questioned yourself at different times and sought to be a better person every day. You showered his family with love, cooked a lot and more, created recipes, trained a lot, met incredible people and finally found your tribe, found a refuge and never stopped believing and chasing your dreams until they came true. For you there are no barriers, you just need to mentalize, visualize and make it happen, and you can be sure that they will always happen, Ju. I am more and more proud of the woman you are becoming and of your inner strength to persist and never give up on your principles and values. I love you infinitely and I’m dying to know where you are right now and how your life is, I know it will always be full of light.


So let’s go…
I don’t even know how to start writing this letter, 2020 has been such a difficult year for so many people, so much so that I dare say, it was the hardest of your entire life.
Although you’re grateful to stay alive, even through this corona virus pandemic, I know you feel immensely sad about losing your job and you feel depressed, but it was in 2020 that you managed to lose 15 kgs, graduated from college after being told so much you would not be able to and is taking a postgraduate course in people management. Look where this girl got!!
I don’t think you ever believed she would make it this far, being a single mother of a child with special needs, having to drop out of school at 17 when he was born. Today at 28, you are an example of a person, intelligent, educated, dedicated, and hardworking. You are someone who, despite the difficulties, never let anything be missed for your child.
Have you reached the weight you want?
Have you got your dreamed first job in the human resources area?
What about that dreamed public position?
Believe in your potential, be sure to insist on what you want.
Thank you for being an example of strength and determination.
Don’t be afraid of life!
I love you so much!


A year ago I was receiving the news that my exchange program – practically the only plan that was right in my life, the only thing I had no doubt that I wanted – was over, and my plans for 2020 had gone down the drain. On that day it would be impossible to predict that it would be one of the best years of my life 🙂 starting with an inward dive, therapy and a lot of self-reflection, and then translating that outward, to the other – to another, very special one. I faced so many fears and met so many others. It’s been a long time (I don’t even remember when, honestly) I didn’t have this good feeling that I was open to life, and that I was living, improving at my own pace, with respect for my own feelings and experiences. I think 2020 was the bravest year of my life, and I don’t want to forget the good feelings it brought me so soon. Let’s keep on growing 🙂


2020, it was a troubled year on a global scale and also personally. The coronavirus pandemic prevented me from experiencing many moments, with family, friends, professionally, academically, it was a great disaster, however, it allowed me to increase my bubble, to have contact with new people who became friends through the internet, I´ve broadened my worldview, I´ve learned even more about the LGBT community, I gave myself completely to my research project on Refugees, I rediscovered myself, I went through tremendous personal transformations, I was able to step aside from my passion and a large part of the religious dogma that prevented me from following and doing so many things, I learned to play an instrument, as it has always been my dream to learn the piano, I got to know a new version of Matheus, more authentic, more true, more him in essence, for 2021 I hope that all these transformations will continue to occur, I hope to be more sensitive to political and social issues, that I can be even more engaged in these causes, that I know more about the LGBT movement, that I am more open to living in a real world and not in a lie, that I use my cell phone less and less and social networks that waste a lot of time, that I learn English for a fact and I can start my process of studying at Harvard, that I can start my social project with Refugees and children from public schools, that I am even closer to my family, that I am less rude, ignorant and much more sensitive, loving and delicate, that I grow as a person in all areas of my life, personally creating affective and emotional maturity, professionally being recognized for my work, academically studying and writing more and more about themes that I am passionate about, that I do not lack health, may God bless me with good health in 2021 and that if I’m prepared I can start a loving relationship, that I have the head and maturity to raise money for the master’s degree, that in 2021 I be the Matheus that I always dreamed of being, that I make this person come true.

What present do I leave in the present? How to make the diverse dimensions of Brazil coexist so that we can exist in a prosperous way? These are some ideas that young people from all over Brazil bring to LivMundi Cast: LivMundi’s podcast and videocast series.

In 6 episodes, we explored subjects such as decolonial food, transgressive education, climate justice and other socio-environmental agendas.

The LivMundi Cast is sponsored by the Consulate of the Netherlands and was recorded during the LivMundi Festival.


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