Changing ways of living and transforming old habits is not always an easy task. Nonetheless, when changes are made collectively, activities are more fun and collaborative. To do this, get our hands dirty (in this case, in the land!) and set up joint efforts to bring people together and promote improvements across the city.

Learn more about where we already operate:

Joint effort at the
Camilo Castelo Branco Municipal School 

We met with the Camilo Castelo Branco school community to carry out a joint effort with more than 50 teachers, students, and volunteers. We set out to take care of the gardens, plant a vegetable garden, paint the multi-sport court and cover the entrance gate with graffiti in a day that had both hands-on activities and workshops, meetings, music, and books.

Joint effort to
Clean the Corcovado hillside

In order to draw attention to the environmental degradation caused by carelessness, we set up a joint effort group that met on the Corcovado hillside during the 2nd edition of the LivMundi Festival. Local stakeholders, such as the Parque Nacional da Tijuca (Tijuca National Park) authority, the Amigos do Parque (Friends of the Park) association, and the Lenha Filmes videomaker, as well as park mountaineer partners also joined us. All waste collected was showcased at the Festival to raise participant awareness.

Workshops are ways to stir up ideas and create practical movements that aim at identifying common issues and triggering actions in the territory will eventually benefit those who are part of it. To take action in several different territories, we create transgressive activities that draw on the experiences of global facilitators and models, being always mindful of and translated into local realities.

Get to know the workshops we have already held:

The Doughnut Workshop

The Doughnut Workshop is based on the principles of the Doughnut Economics proposed by economist Kate Raworth, who seeks to build a fair and safe space for society, respecting the limits of the planet. Through participatory dynamics, we awaken awareness as to common challenges and new ways of thinking and acting on issues concerning the territory. We co-create and prioritize actions that contribute to “living in the Doughnut,” based on the strengths of local communities.

This workshop, which was held at the Dicró Arena as a result of a partnership with Observatório de Favelas (the Favela Observatory) and the Collective Arte Transformadora associations, lasted 5 hours and had 27 participants. The prioritized action was “to expand the use of community vegetable gardens in the Penha district” to enhance transformation in the territory and promote healthier relations between communities, their green areas, and the city.

Expected impacts: promoting food sovereignty, improving health, generating educational content, reducing cost and generating income, reconnecting with the land, and occupying degraded spaces.

The Time Capsule is an artistic initiative that invited young people from all over Brazil to write a letter to themselves in the future and tell with words and images how they wish to remember the lockdown period during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Time Capsule has become an inventory of individual and collective memories of what we went through and the direction towards which we wish to walk when the pandemic is over. The initiative connected the present and the future, as the letters were forwarded to their owners a year later to remind them of what was felt, perceived, and created during the (im)possibilities of that moment.

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