The LivMundi Journeys are based on live learning methodologies where we combine technologies that facilitate the creation of digital and face-to-face communities in which the participant is an agent and a co-author in his or her own journey. In this context, the participant’s territory of belonging becomes the link between this community and the transmitted knowledge.

Região dos Lagos (Lake District) Journey

During a two-month journey and along with more than 140 public school students and seven teachers, we sought to encourage a new way of looking at the spatiality that unites all of those who are or live at the Lagoa de Araruama (Araruama Lagoon). We addressed the perceptions that attendees had of this territory through issues related to ecology and geography, as well as all of its physical, biological, socioeconomic, and cultural dimensions. In addition to the impact on students, teachers developed new skills to conduct their own learning journeys in a more creative, participatory, and integrated way that focused on the challenges that the community and its territory faced.

The ENXAME (swarm) Journey

By a national public call, we invited seven young people (Beatriz Carneiro, Estefane Galvão, Flora Rodrigues, Hyally Carvalho, Kimberly Silva, Marina Guião, and Tayna Silva) to join us in a journey designed to have them learn and become curators and co-creators of the LivMundi 2022 Festival. For four months, these young women were to engage in face-to-face and virtual activities using tools that enabled the integration of diverse fields of knowledge so that they could not only develop socio-environmental leadership skills and strategies but also learn about operations, communication of cultural events, and collaborative work. All done through theoretical and practical content.

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